Miscanthus: Future-proof growing

Cradle Crops has been a Dutch pioneer in the cultivation of Miscanthus and other fibre and Biobased crops in the Netherlands and Belgium since 2010. We see a promising future for Miscanthus as a raw material for various Biobased applications. To achieve this goal, Cradle Crops provides the planting of Miscanthus and supports the cultivation with our experience, specialised planting machines and nursery fields. You can also come to us for harvested Miscanthus.

The perennial Miscanthus offers opportunities because of its tolerance, wide applicability and the sustainable nature of its cultivation and crop. For arable farmers, the stable and labour-extensive Miscanthus offers an opportunity for a sustainable earning model in addition to traditional rotation crops. Miscanthus can also offer opportunities on lower quality arable land.  In addition, Miscanthus offers opportunities for own use with application possibilities as stable litter, natural ground cover or as biomass. Please contact us to find out what possibilities Miscanthus has to offer you.


Cooperation and adviceWe are happy to advise you in everything concerning Miscanthus, from purchase to planting.

Supply rhizomesFrom our own planting in Zeeuws Vlaanderen (Westdorpe), we are able to supply Miscanthus rhizomes of the highest quality. In addition, our experience enables us to support you in planting and cultivation.

PlantingThe planting of Miscanthus or Miscanthus is the most crucial step in the whole process, which Cradle Crops gladly takes care of for you in order to achieve an optimal planting result! Of course, we will also provide you with the necessary information regarding soil preparation. Our specialised planting machines in combination with a tractor with RTK GPS will guarantee optimal distribution in the field. This is of great importance given that Miscanthus needs to be planted once every 20 years.

DeliveryMiscanthusIn addition to rhizomes, you can also come to us to buy Miscanthus. These can be "loose bulk" Miscanthus chips or Miscanthus bales.


Why elephant grass?


The combination of high biomass yield with low moisture content without the use of many inputs (fertilisation or weed control) make Miscanthus a sustainable crop in our climate.


Miscanthus is a strong, non-invasive crop where weather conditions have a limited impact on yield when a planting is successfully realised.


Miscanthus offers opportunities whether it is for application in paper, fibreboards or ground cover or, on the contrary, to create self-sufficiency in the form of biomass, stable litter or substrate.


We have experience with the cultivation of Miscanthus since 2010 and since then we are committed to the cultivation and promotion of Miscanthus. This in cooperation with arable farmers, knowledge institutions and others interested in this sustainable crop! Please contact us to find out what possibilities Miscanthus has to offer you.

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