Miscanthus applications

Miscanthus became best known for its use in biomass power plants thanks to its low moisture content and large amount of annual biomass. But the crop offers many more opportunities to arable farmers, farmers, landscape managers, as well as parties with land not optimally used and processing industries of Biobased raw materials!

Creating applications for the crop is done as much as possible according to the Biobased Economy principle in the application and elaboration of industrial applications such as paper, bioplastics or bio-concrete. In addition, Miscanthus offers opportunities for domestic use with application possibilities as stable litter, natural ground cover, substrate or as biomass.


Hereby we would like to explain some of the application possibilities. However, this is a selection; we regularly come across new possibilities ourselves. If you have any ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Construction material
Stable litter
Substrate and ground cover