Substrate and ground cover

For various crops, chipped Miscanthus can serve as a substrate instead of traditional raw materials such as straw/wood chips. This could include mushroom cultivation, for example. The fact that Miscanthus can be grown organically is an additional advantage. We also have customers who use Miscanthus as a sustainable peat substitute. Especially considering the sustainability efforts in substrates, Miscanthus offers opportunities. To what extent Miscanthus is suitable for this, depends on the crop.

The application of Miscanthus as a sustainable and biodegradable ground cover is also interesting. Our customers include municipalities and gardeners who use Miscanthus as a sustainable weed suppressor. This application is also called mulching and can be an excellent part of sustainable green management.

The mulch can be applied in a layer 5 cm thick in a weed-free planting area. This ensures that weeds cannot grow. An additional advantage is that Miscanthus has a spongy interior, which also makes it very suitable as stable litter, absorbing moisture. Then, after a rain shower, the Miscanthus will gradually "release" the water which benefits the planting's moisture requirements. In addition, the thick layer of Miscanthus stimulates soil life which, thanks to this airy soil, will promote plant growth.